After we receive the following documents from the organization, company or the employer, the recruitment process initiates. We have kept the blue collar recruitment process simple and convenient. It requires the provision of following documents to us which should be in our favor;

1. Demand Letter (Requisition)

This shall start with forwarding a request to recruit staff to that particular country from where the manpower is required and then after approval it comes back to the recruitment agency (HOS). The demand letter or request for hiring is raised by the company who requires manpower.

2. Screening Process of the Client

The (HOS) shall approve the request depending on, but limited to a) Current staff establishment

  • Financial implications
  • The urgency

3. Acceptance

The event of non-approval, the HOS shall within one (1) week advice on the decision in writing to the respective Company. Upon approval will raise the request to the Embassy of that particular country if the hiring is pertaining to overseas recruitment and will ensure that recruitment agency has all the approvals to mobilize the staff and facilitate the delegates.

4. Advertisement

Upon approval, the HOS shall also ensure preparation of an advertisement in relation to the position(s) and placement of the same in a local daily newspaper with nationwide circulation and on the recruitment agency website.

5. Pre- Interview

Pre- Interview Arrangements and Advertising Plan to be shared to the company by HOS The HOS shall ensure receipt, sorting and registering of applications from the date of the advert to the application deadline as indicated in the indent

6. Reporting

After the deadline for submission of applications, the HOS shall analyze the applications, do a summary and forward the same to the office of Company. This shall be dependent on the number of applicant

7. Screening

Interviewing and Screening of the Candidates can be done by face to face interviews or through walk-in hiring’s or by pre-screening method

Upon receipt of the summary, the HOS shall schedule and invite the short listing committee to shortlist applicants.

8. Delegation for interviews

A representative from the Company known as subject matter expert shall be called upon to participate in short listing of the applicants when need arises with the recruitment agent on the instructions of HOS On short listing, the recruitment agent shall forward the minutes together with a list of the shortlisted candidates to the Principal for approval of interviews. Once the interview date has been agreed upon, the HOS shall invite the shortlisted candidates for the interview at least one (1) week to the interview date as per the communication procedure

9. Interview Procedure

In case of unskilled casual worker(s) the HOS will consider the applications in the database and invite applicant(s) depending on the date they applied for the job. These interviews can be conducted in office personally or through trade and testing centers which will be appointed by the Recruitment agency. After communication to the candidates, the HOS shall notify and invite members of the respective Staff Appointment Committee to conduct the interviews as per the communication procedure

10. Selection

The HOS shall communicate to the successful candidates within one (1) day after the date of interview.

11. Non Acceptance

In the event of a candidate declining the offer, the HOS in liaison with the Company and the Principal, based on the recommendations of the committee shall either;
a) Appoint the next qualified candidate (s) or b) Re-advertise the position

12. Offer Letter and Visa Issuance

If the candidate accepts the offer, the HOS shall upload the details of the new employee to the System and ensure orientation of the candidates upon reporting to work

Visa and work permit process also starts side by side.

13. Mobilization

The flights are booked immediately after the visa issuance.

The confirmation of seats are emailed to the client 5 days before arrival.


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