Successful headhunting process by RFS HR

Every company desires the best while searching for resources. Whether it is a human resource or any other resource, a business owner looks for something that gives the optimal value. Although it may be more accessible for you to avail various business resources, you may find it tough to identify the right talents. Most of the companies have claimed that they face challenges in looking for high quality, skilful candidates. The conventional recruitment processes, like job advert publication, are not effective to search for the CEOs, MDs and CFOs of a company. To capture attention of best caliber candidates, there is a need for smarter recruitment technique. It is where you can realize the role of headhunting process. It is one of the best ways to find out the right candidates for any organization.

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Steps for a systematic recruitment process

Recruitment is a time-consuming, lengthy process to identify and attract job seekers to get the application from the right candidates. In fact, a successful program draws the attention of several qualified and skilful applicants, who can prove their talents. To present you with a transparent recruitment process definition, we can say that this is a systematic way to recruit the candidates for filling a job vacancy.

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What Is Emiratisation? What Does An Emiratisation Recruitment Agency Do?

The term, Emiratisation easily reminds us of recruitment issues of Emiratis in the United Arab Emirates. Emiratisation is one of the most known nationwide programmes, started in the UAE few years ago. The major purpose behind this program is to ensure proper assimilation of the workforce, present in the UAE labour market. Emiratisation is one of the major priorities of various semi-government, private and government organizations and corporate bodies in the United Arab Emirates. Surely, the UAE has encouraged both the private and public sectors for the implementation of Emiratisation policies at various levels. The organizations can do it by establishing special departments, incentives and quota. Read more

Latest Recruitment Trends Followed In 2019

Technology has transformed the world in various ways. With the increasing use of different technologies, the professionals have become more reliant on them. You can also find their applications in the field of recruitment. The recruitment directors and HR managers are dealing with their everyday tasks by using technologies. This has resulted in the introduction of new recruitment trends. Thus, you need to take various approaches based on these trends. It will help you to find out the right candidate for your company. We have now presented you with detailed information on recruitment trends in Dubai. Read more

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